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Beewi Smart Home Technology

Make your home smart with Beewi Smart Home Technology

Beewi Smart Home Technology are the smart home automation product which helps you to manage all your appliances with your phone.
It connects all your Beewi product with your phone and start managing all your appliances.
Beewi home automation products provide you home automation products to monitor your home, automated toys, automated audio player.
This Technology works with the apps Beewi Home Application which helps you to connect with your device.

Beewi Product Features


Beewi Smart Home Technology product provide you the features to control all Beewi appliances with your phone. Connect your Beewi Appliances and control it your mobile phone.


Beewi Smart Home Technology product use its own Beewi Home Application apps to connect Beewi appliance with your phone using Bluetooth or Internet. Bluetooth range of the Beewi product is Upto 50 m.


Beewi Smart Home Technology product is compatible with all Smart phone  like Android 4.3, iPhone 4s and above and Windows phone 8.1.


Beewi Smart Home product are easy to use as well as user friendly. Connect your device with the Beewi Smart Home product and start managing everything at your finger tip. It make your work more easier.


Beewi Smart Home product have easy installation. It is a wireless home automated system which easily installed and manageable.

Description with Video

This Beewi Smart Home video will describe you more about the Beewi products and there connectivity. How the Beewi Product works accordingly as you wanted to.
Beewi wireless smart home automated system connection manage from your phone.

Beewi Products

Know More About the Beewi Product

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